Unani Name

Balela/ Bahera

Common Name

Myrobalan, Beleric Myrobalan

Temperament of the Drug

(Cold 1° and Dry 1°) Or (Cold 1° and Dry 2°)

Scientific Name/ Botanical Name

Terminalia bellirica (Gaertn.) Roxb.

Parts used

Seed, Bark

Actions/ Therapeutic Uses

Fruit is Anthelmintic, Anti-oxidant, Anti-pyretic, Astringent, Brain Tonic, Digestive Tonic and Laxative. Its Bark is Mild Diuretic. Its Gum is Demulcent and Purgative. Apart from that it is Rejuvenative, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-diarrheal. It is also hair growing agent as well as hair blackener. Used for the treatment of cough, insomnia, premature greying of hair, dropsy, excessive thirst, vomiting, loss of appetite, flatulence, ulcer, piles and intestinal worms. Fruit pieces are baked and chewed for cough, cold, hoarseness of voice and asthma. Beleric plant relieves blocked phlegm, controls sputum mixed with blood and eases bronchospasms. It prevents ageing, imparts longevity, boosts body immunity, improves mental faculties and enhances the body resistance against diseases. It also helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Important Formulations

Habb-e- Hilteet, Itrifal Ustukhudus, Jawaarish Fanjnosh, Ma'joon Haleela, Ma'joon Jograj Gugal, Ma'joon Juzam, Ma'joon Kalkalanj, Ma'joon Khsbs -al-Hadid, Ma'joon Mochrus, Ma'joon Mundi, Ma'joon Muqil, Ma'joon Ushba


Fruit 5-7 gms.





  • PUBLISHED DATE : Dec 08, 2015
  • PUBLISHED BY : Zahid
  • CREATED / VALIDATED BY : Dr. Mahtab Alam Khan
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Feb 02, 2016


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