Khaar-e- Khasak

Unani Name

Khaar-e- Khasak / Hasak/ Gokhroo               

Common Name

Bullhead, Caltrop, Goat head, Mexican sandbur, Puncture vine, Small Caltrops

Temperament of the Drug

(Hot 1° and Dry 1°)

Scientific Name/ Botanical Name

Tribulus terrestris Linn.

Parts used

Whole Plant and its Leaves, Fruit, Seeds and Root

Actions/ Therapeutic Uses

Diuretic (Mudirr-e- baul), Lithotriptic (Mufattit-e- Hasaat), Laxative (Mulayyin), Sweet cooling, Aphrodisiac (Muqawwi-e- Bah), Appetizer (Mushtahi), Digestive (Haazim). Fruit decoction is beneficial in dissolving renal and bladder calculi. The fruit of the plant is indicated in Cough, Gout, Kidney Disorders, Scabies, Dysentery, Piles, Gonorrhoea, Spermatorrhoea, Chronic Cystitis, Calculus, Chronic Kidney Inflammation, Uterine Disorders, Painful and burning Micturition, Dysuria, Phosphaturia, Leprosy, Impotence, Ophthalmia, Urinary Disorders, Strangury, Anaemia, Postpartum Hemorrhage, Ulcerated Gums, Mouth Inflammation. In case of treatment of impotency, it is used in the form of powder or majoon. Leaves of the plant are indicated in Mouth Troubles, Painful Gums, Inflammations, Gonorrhoea and Gleet.  Its root is specially used in Asthma, Pain, Pruritis, Piles, Dyspepsia, Lumbago, Cough, Inflammations, Skin Diseases, Leprosy, Vesicular Calculi, Burning Sensation, Strangury, Urinary Discharge, and Heart Diseases. The Indications of its Seed are Debility, Haemorrhage, Inflammations specially Mouth Inflammation, Urinary Troubles, Bladder Stones and Ulcers.

Important Formulations

Sharbat-e Buzoori Sada, Sharbat-e Buzoori Mo’atadil, Safoof Sailanur Rahem, Sharbat-e- Mudirr-e- Tams, Habb-e- Gokhroo Jawarish Zarawooni ambary ba Nuskha-e- kalan, Majoon Mughalliz Jawahar wali, Majoon Suhag Sonth, Majoon Supari Pak, Qurse Jiryan etc.


5-7 gms



  • PUBLISHED DATE : Feb 02, 2016
  • PUBLISHED BY : Zahid
  • CREATED / VALIDATED BY : Dr. Mahtab Alam Khan
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Feb 03, 2016


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