Bawaaseer-e- Daamiya (Bleeding Piles)

Bawaaseer-e- Daamiya (Bleeding Piles)


Bawaaseer-e- Daamiya (Bleeding Piles) are swollen and enlarged blood vessels which are in or around the lower rectum and the anus. In other words, it is a condition in which one or more masses develop in and around the anus. These are tiny reddish outgrowths which are formed in the anus or gastrointestinal region. Bleeding or pus discharge takes place regularly at interval in case of piles. Piles can develop at any age, but they’re most common in age groups of 45 to 65 years of age.

As per Unani philosophy it is caused by accumulation of melancholic sanguine (Dam-e- saudavi) in the anal vessels resulting in their engorgement and subsequent ulceration. Sometimes, a person can experience intolerable pain, especially at the time of the passing of stool due to piles.

It is characterized by heaviness, pain and burning sensation in the anus and bleeding it through defaecation.

Causes of Bawaaseer-e- Daamiya (Bleeding Piles)

As far as its causes are concerned, Stress, Faulty lifestyle or if he or she has constipation along with sedentary life are the main culprits of piles. There are other important causes, which are responsible for haemorrhoids are junk/ unhealthy daily food habits, spicy foods, fried, low fibre and high carbohydrates diets.

When to Consult a Doctor in this type of piles?

One should consult a doctor if Bawaaseer-e- Daamiya (Bleeding Piles):

  • If it doesn’t  respond to self-treatment
  • If it bleed excessively or frequently
  • if piles symptoms have been accompanied by an obvious change in bowel habits
  • if patient is passing black or maroon-coloured stools
  • if blood clots have formed
  • if blood is mixed with the stool

Management of Bawaaseer-e- Daamiya (Bleeding Piles)

Unani medicines are very beneficial in treating and curing of Bawaaseer-e- Daamiya (Bleeding Piles). Both Unani single drugs and compound formulations are very much effective and available easily in market. Some home remedies for piles can be easily prepared at home, which are cost effective, natural and without any side effects.

Usool-e- Ilaaj (Principles of treatment)

  • Islaah-e- ghiza (Dietary regulation) is the key to cure it.
  • Talyin (Laxation) is very effective in curing constipation
  • Taskeen-e- dard (Analgesia) in cases of pain
  • Tanqi-e-dam-e- fasid wa khilt-e- saudawi (Evacuation of impure sanguine and black bile)
  • Ilaaj bil yad (Surgery) if needed
  • Haabis-e- dam (Haemostasis) in case of excessive bleeding
  • Indimaal (Healing) to heal up the affected area

Ilaj bil dawa (Pharmacotherapy)

  • Local application of a paste containing egg yolk, barley flour and Roghan-e- Gul is very much effective in treating Bawaaseer-e- Daamiya (Bleeding Piles).
  • Local application of a paste containing egg yolk and Roghan-e- Gul is also very effective.
  • Lcal application of old olive oil
  • Sitz bath (Aabzan) with the decoction of Althaea officinalis Linn. (Khatmi), Malva syavestris Linn. (Khubbazi) and Viola odorata Linn. (Banafsha)
  • Sitz bath (Aabzan) with the decoction of Lens esculenta, Moench. (Masoor), fruit rind of Punica granatum Linn. (Post-e- Anaar), Quercus infectoria, Oliv. (Mazu) and stamens of Rosa damascene, Mill. (Zar-e- ward).

Ilaj Bil Tadbeer (Regimental Therapy)

  • Fasd-e-Saafin (Bloodletting through saphenous vein)
  • Hijama (Cupping) on hip

Dietary Recommendations

  • Light diet (Aghziya-e- lateefa)
  • Easily digestible diet (Zood Hazm Aghziya)

Dietary Restrictions

  • Aghziya Ghleeza
  • Aghziya Muwallid-e- sauda (Black bile producing foods)
  • Masala Jaat (Spices)

Prevention/ Precaution (Tahaffuz)

  • Muwallid-e- sauda tadaabeer (Black bile procreative regimens) to be avoided

Compound Unani Drugs

  • Qurs-e- Kahruba
  • Qurs-e- Muqil
  • Habb-e- Kabsul Hadeed
  • Habb-e- Rasawl
  • Marham-e- Murdar sang
  • Marham-e- Asfeedaj
  • Itreefal Sagheer
  • Itreefal Muqil
  • Majoon Muqil


Note: Drugs should be taken under the advice of the qualified Unani physician. The patients are required to follow strict Unani regimen for optimum results.








  • PUBLISHED DATE : Apr 18, 2018
  • CREATED / VALIDATED BY : Dr. Mahtab Alam Khan
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