Suranjan Shireen

Unani Name

Suranjan Shireen                    

Common Name

Colchicum, Crocus, Fall crocus, Autumn crocus, Mysteria, Naked Lady, Wonder Bulb, Vellorita, Meadow saffron (There are two varieties of Colchicum. One is the sweet variety (Meetha) and the other is bitter (Kadwa or Talkh).

Temperament of the Drug

(Hot 2° and Dry 2°)

Scientific Name/ Botanical Name

Colchicum autumnale Linn.

Parts used

Dried corms, Root, Tuber, Seeds (Colchicine is a secondary metabolite, extracted from plants of the genius colchicum. It consists of the dried ripe seeds of colchicum luteum baker and Colchicum autumnale Linn.)

Actions/ Therapeutic Uses

It is Analgesic, Resolvent, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-rheumatic, Astringent, Cathartic, Anti-phlegmatic, Concoctive, alterative, Aphrodisiac, Carminative, Laxative, Desiccant, Local Irritant, Emetic, Anodyne, Purgative, Sedative, Diuretic and Soporific.

It is specially indicated in Gout, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Arthritis, Spasmodic Attacks, Wounds and Phlegmatic Affections. It is specially used to reduce the pain and inflammation of acute gout, arthritis and rheumatism. It is also useful in sexual debility.

In some Unani texts it is also mentioned that, colchicum plant and its extracts are used to treat gout and related inflammatory disorders. It may also ameliorate hepatitis and cirrhosis, and may have potential in chemotherapeutic regimens.

The Indication of Root and tuber of Colchicum autumnale Linn. is Malhumors.

Important Formulations

Habb-e- Suranjaan, Majoon Suhaag sonth, Laboob Kabeer, Luboob Baarid, Ma'joon Chaub Chini, Ma'joon Khidr, Ma'joon Maurawweh -ul- Arwaah, Ma'joon Shir Bargadh Wali, Ma'joon Suranjan, Roghan gul-e-Aak, Roghan-e- Suranjaan, Roghan-e- Waja'ul-Mafasil, Safoof-e- Suranjaan


Whole Herb- 25.000mg, Powder (Safoof) 2-3 grams







  • PUBLISHED DATE : Apr 08, 2016
  • PUBLISHED BY : Zahid
  • CREATED / VALIDATED BY : Dr. Mahtab Alam Khan
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